HydroWallet new way to access water

HydroWallet is digital wallet for water. It helps water companies to provide water at scale.

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Who are We

HydroDrip is Business to Business (B2B) hardware & software company that allows water companies to deliver clean water machines that give users an integrated payment for recurring water sold through our digital wallet called HydroWallet.

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Increased accessibility

Helping people access clean water from anywhere at any time.

More water, for Less

We provide water clean water at an affordable rate to people of all wlaks of life.

Track usage. Save water

Track your water consumption to understand, adapt and save water.

  • Easy payment

    Mobile payments through tap-and-pay technology or wallet QR as well as accessing to different payment models.

  • Rewards and loyalty cards

    Users can use card as loyalty program from certain water companies. Reward and Cashback collected in-app activity.

  • Conservation and exchange

    The HydroWallet platform rewards people who use less water by allowing them to sell to those who exceeded the daily threshold.

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Manage your water consumption anywhere at any time with the HydroDrip app.